*PMS Omelette - only 13.95 Emotionally Satisfying!
Parmesan cheese, shaved Asiago whipped with 2 farm fresh eggs
Mushrooms, lotsa mushrooms
Spinach & Garlic sautéed and all wrapped up. Grits, toast and a strip of choice bacon.

*Pegasus Omelet - 12.99 Fresh crisp spinach laced with garlic is sautéed with olive oil, tossed with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and fresh mushrooms.
Rolled in an omelet with Feta cheese. Grits and toast.
This item first appeared on the menu in 1996!


  • All Egg Orders Include Grits And white, wheat or rye toast

  • 1.50 to substitute Eng Muffin.

  • Meat Choices: Bacon, Home-made sausage, Corned beef Hash, Ham or 4 oz burger patty

  • Specialty Meats: Italian Sausage, Chorizo or Polish Sausage

  • (When substituting Hash Browns, Home Fries or tomatoes for grits, add 2.25)

*1 Egg-----------------------------------------------5.95
*2 Eggs----------------------------------------------6.20
*1 Egg with ANY MEAT------------------------7.40
*2 Eggs with ANY MEAT-----------------------7.90
*1 Egg with Specialty Meat--------------------7.70
*2 Eggs with Specialty Meat-------------------8.15

Remember, ya git grits-n-toast with these items (+ 2.25 for spud subs, 1.50 for muffin!)
(half omelettes not available on Popeye, Philly or Luigi...it’s a prep thang)
Half omelettes, subtract 75¢ - Add 1.00 for extra egg

*Cheese Omelette———3 eggs, chz choice, no skimping—————-8.25
*Ham & Cheese Omelette——(
Black Oak Ham)——-——————8.99
*Veggie Omelette—
(onion, broccoli, mushrooms, tomato & Swiss)—10.75
…add spinach and garlic…add 1.25)

*Denver Omelette-(
Ham, bell pep, onion, Jack chz & Marinara)——-10.95
*Fresh Spinach Sauté Omelette————(
garlic optional)————-10.50
Fresh Spin and Jack cheese)
*Popeye Omelette—————————————————————11.00
(You’ll fight to da finitch w/gr bf & spinitch, jack chz, toot-toot)

Start with TWO EGGS and any TWO INGREDIENTS FOR 9.50. (each xtra egg 1.00)

Add any meat - 2.55 Add any veggie - 1.50 Add any cheese - 1.75
Exceptions: Add Steak strips - 7.25 Add shrimp (seasonal) - 7.25

*Scrambled eggs & omelettes are available using the EGG-WHITES only!
(add 1.50 per egg).