The ‘World Famous’
Breakfast Club
Since 1976

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An eggs-citing way to start the day
All egg orders include Grits and white, wheat or rye toast. 1.50 sub English Muffin
Meat choices: Bacon, Home-made house sausage Corned Beef Hash or Ham
Specialty Meats: All home-made sausages…Italian or Chorizo

(When substituting Hash Browns, Home Fries or tomatoes for grits, add 2.25

1 Egg--------------------------------------------5.95
2 Eggs-------------------------------------------6.20
1 Egg w/any meat----------------------------7.40
2 Eggs w/any meat---------------------------7.90
1 Egg with Specialty Meat-----------------7.70
2 Eggs with Specialty Meat----------------8.15


Waffle with choice of meat-----------------7.00
Pecan Waffle-----------------------------------7.00
Pecan Waffle with choice of meat---------9.00

Three slices of a French-style baguette, soaked in an eggy batter laced with cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla – grilled til golden. Finished with powdered sugar and a bacon slice.

Spinach and Garlic Saute´- only 6.50

Fresh spinach steamed/sautéed on the griddle with fresh chopped garlic & olive oil – finished with grated Parm/Asiago cheese. Note: A HUGE pawful of fresh spinach cooks down to a neat little portion!