PMS Omelette –
emotionally satisfying! Parmesan cheese and shaved Asiago whipped with 2 farm fresh eggs. Mushrooms…lotsa mushrooms. Spinach and Garlic sauteéd and all wrapped up. Grits, toast and a strip of choice bacon.

Egg Florentine – One egg poached in a nest of spinach topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions. Melted ‘Lappi’ Swiss cheese to finish. All of this on whole wheat toast points. You even get a choice of grits or sliced tomatoes!

The Grill Cleaners Special (formerly Helen’s Solidarity) – A healthy portion of diced potatoes, House sausage, garlic, bell peppers and onions tossed on a hot griddle, scrambled with 2 eggs, topped with melted Monterey Jack and American cheeses. Grits & toast.
Half orders available ‘cause it’s pretty healthy.
(This recipe is featured in Bernard Clayton’s “Cooking Across America”)

Smackwater Jack Omelette – Our fresh ‘homemade’ Breakfast sausage is seared on the griddle and tossed with fresh mushrooms and the best tomatoes we can find. Rolled in a two-egg Omelette with Jack cheese. Grits and toast.

Windjammer Hash Browns –
A ROBUST portion of crisped Hash Browns stuffed with grilled onions, mushrooms, bacon and cream cheese. A table-sharing phenomena…
Omelette Luigi – This is why folks stand in line. Three eggs whipped with fresh grated Parm/Asiago, stuffed with homemade Italian sausage tossed with fresh spinach, garlic & bell peppers. Set atop our homemade Marinara sauce. Grits & toast.

Chicken Fried Chicken Breakfast – Tender as hell! Crispy/tasty! A hint of Cajun mustard, breaded and grilled til golden. 2 eggs any style. Side of peppercorn gravy. Grits and tits.

Blackhawk Burrito – Our own Chorizo seared with onions & jalapeños, tossed with 3 eggs, wrapped in a Cheddar/Jalapeño tortilla laced with Cheddar and homemade black beans. Sour cream and our Pico de Gallo! !Ay-Yi-Yi¡

Veggie Omelette – Fresh spinach and garlic sautéed with onions, mushrooms, diced tomato. Choice of Lappi Swiss or CreamChz. We’re adding roasted red peppers while they last…

Ham & Chz Omelette – Black Oak Ham & choice of cheese

Denver – Great ham, bell, onion, Jack chz & our Marinara

Spinach Omelette – Fresh spinach, fresh garlic, Jack chz

Popeye Omelette – Fresh Ground Brisket, spinach & Jack

Happy Days Are Here Again!
The Skies Above are Clear Again!
Happy Days Are Here Again!