Remember, ya git grits-n-toast with these items (+ 1.50 for spud subs, 1.00 for muffin!)
(half omelettes not available on Popeye, Philly or Luigi...it’s a prep thang)
Half omelettes, subtract 75¢ - Add 75¢ for extra egg

*Cheese Omelette------------------------------------------------------7.80
*Ham & Cheese Omelette-------------------------------------------8.55
*Veggie Omelette------------------------------------------------------9.80
(onion, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes & Swiss)
*Denver Omelette-----------------------------------------------------10.25
(Ham, bell pepper, onion, Jack cheese & Our famous Marinara)
*Fresh Spinach Sauté Omelette------------------------------------9.65
(Fresh Spin and Jack cheese)
*Popeye Omelette------------------------------------------------------10.65
(You’ll fight to da finitch w/gr bf & spinitch, jack chz, toot-toot)

Start with TWO EGGS and any TWO INGREDIENTS FOR 8.75. (each xtra egg 75¢)

Add any meat - 2.25 Add Steak strips - 5.95 Add any veggie - 1.25 Add any cheese - 1.75
Add shrimp (seasonal) - 5.95

We have EGG-BEATERS® (add 50¢ per egg). *Scrambled eggs & omelettes are available using the EGG-WHITES only! (add 75¢ per egg).